Corporate Citizenship

Is your corporate citizenship or giving program facing the following challenges?

  • How do we develop a corporate citizenship program that is aligned with our business goals yet is responsive to community needs?
  • How do we decide between creating a corporate giving program, corporate foundation, corporate fund or employee matching gift program?
  • We have limited financial resources for direct charitable giving. What other ways can we invest in our communities?
  • How can we make our grantmaking processes more efficient, strategic and increase the return on our grantmaking investment?
  • How can we partner with other corporate grantmakers and also become more engaged with those nonprofits we seek to help?

A strong corporate citizenship program can strengthen communities, and at the same time improve customer loyalty, increase name recognition and brand awareness, attract and retain employees and provide leadership opportunities for staff.  If you are looking for ways to “do good” while increasing your corporation’s bottom line, let goodworks help you develop, implement, and manage a strategic Corporate Citizenship Program that is aligned with your business goals and interests and meets pressing community needs. Through effective strategies, initiatives, and communications, we can help differentiate your efforts from peers and competition, strengthen your corporate reputation, deliver better results and make a meaningful impact for tomorrow's generation.