Is your nonprofit organization facing the following challenges?

  • How can we increase and diversify donations given strained resources so we can continue to provide superior programs for our clients?
  • How can we inspire, motivate and re-engage our board to perform their essential role to advocate for the organization, fundraise and support our operations?
  • What organizational changes do we need to transition our organization to the next level?
  • What strategic plans do we need now and for the future to sustain our mission and agency?
  • Our circle of donors and clients know we do good work, but how can we effectively communicate our mission and message to a larger audience?

If you answered “yes” to any of these challenges, let goodworks become an integral part of your team and deliver fresh insights and “can do” plans to: 

  • Create greater awareness and excitement about your mission
  • Increase revenue through identification and cultivation of new prospects and stronger relationships with existing donors
  • Strengthen and re-energize your organization and board leadership

Our fundraising, marketing and nonprofit management expertise provides the one-stop source you need to successfully meet your challenges.